You Are Loved

You Are Loved

You are Loved

Maria Tarnev-Wydro, HD and Tim Wydro.

Excerpt from the book, Walking in Faith, 49 Inspiring Stories of Divine Hope Gratitude and Encouragement.

“You are loved more than you’ll ever know by someone who died to know you.”-Unknown.

I heard the story of a rich man. All the wealth he had, his father had created. His father, before passing away, told him.

“I’m not satisfied.”

“Dad,” they rich man said, “You have everything you could possibly want,”

“I’m missing something,”

“What’s that?” the rich man asked.

“All of my life, I’ve been on the quest for a precious pearl.”

“A pearl?” the young man said as he frowned, “Why would you even want a pearl?”

The father made his last attempt to sit up, “ Pearls are rare and precious. They are formed inside oysters. When an irritant object gets inside, the oyster segregates substances to defend herself. They oyster turns an irritant object into something precious; silky yet hard. The perl I’m looking for is even more special. It’s the biggest perl that has ever been found and its color is unique.”

“Dad, how can I get it for you?” the son asked. “Where is that perl?”

“I don’t know, but when you find it, you will have to sell everything we have to get it. But son it is worth it,” the father said as he gave his last breath.

The son did as his father wanted. He found the pearl and sold everything he had.

Remember, you are a pearl. You are the pearl God was looking for. Now that you have started this journey. Remember, you deserve this journey of health. You are so precious. Therefore, you are so worth it.

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