What makes “The Daniel Fast” different than other fasts? 

What really makes it different than other fasts is that we look at more than just food and fitness. We integrate three additional components; the component of faith, which is the foundation; the component of friends, which is the context; and the component of focus, which is the direction and purpose. The Daniel Fast involves your mind, your spirit, your soul and your body – getting all these elements working together provides a way to make the long-lasting changes we all desire. 

What about prepared foods? 

Read the labels of all prepared foods. Remember the Daniel Fast is sugar free and chemical free. That is why I suggest organic, fresh or frozen foods. 

What about pasta? 

Make sure the label says whole grain or vegetable-based pasta like quinoa, black bean or brown rice with no additives, gluten, yeast or sugar. The Daniel Fast diet should consist mostly of vegetables and fruits. 

What about roasted nuts? 

Try to stick to organic, raw, unsalted nuts and/or soaked or sprouted ones. These are harder to find, so if you have to choose roasted nuts, then get plain roasted, unsalted nuts with no preservatives. 

How do I get enough protein in my diet while on the fast

Protein-rich foods allowed on the Daniel Fast are almonds, sunflower seeds, lentils, quinoa, brown rice, split peas and some whole grains. Be sure you eat plenty of those. 

What about salad dressing? 

Salads are great on the Daniel Fast. Use olive oil and lemon or lime as salad dressing options.

Do I need to eat organic foods while on the fast? 

You don’t have to eat organic, but it is recommended because choosing them keeps toxins out of your foods, meaning no use of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics or pesticides. 

Can I go out to eat? 

Yes, you can. Just make sure what you get is compliant with the Daniel Fast, such as a salad with olive oil and a baked potato with no extras on it. 

How much can I eat? 

As long as your food choices fit the Daniel Fast, then you can eat all and as often as you want until you are satisfied.

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